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Instructions for Ordering ESI-Online

In order to register for an ESI-Online license, you must submit the ESI-Online Registration Form to Pearson Education, along with a PO or other payment method. ESI-Online is $2.95 per student to be entered online and screened. For assistance in placing your order, please call 1-800-627-7271.

Other ESI Print Materials

What other items do I need to administer the ESI-R?

In addition to the tools found on ESI-Online, the following screening materials are recommended for teachers:

  • Screening Materials: manipulatives for conducting the screening - $21.50/each, ISBN: 1-57212-086-x
  • Examiner's Manual: Detailed administration and scoring instructions - $54.50/each, ISBN: 1-57212-150-5(English) or 1-57212-152-1 (Spanish).

Visit Pearson Early Learning for additional product information or call 1-800-627-7271 for assistance in placing your order.

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